How to get a Tennis Ball Court

  • Tennis ball courts are the new product in the market which effectively uses recycled, used up tennis balls.
  • These types of courts are of excellent playability along with a high durability factor.
  • The shock-absorption quality of these tennis ball courts is better than the rest.
  • These cushion courts use a shock pad made with the recycling tennis ball technology.
  • Up to 10,000 recycled tennis balls are used at a time in building each cushion tennis court.

It achieves double benefits with a single effort. Want to know how? See below.

  • Recycled tennis balls are used to build the most favourable tennis courts while reducing the discarded tennis balls from landfills. Isn’t it a cool idea? It is our mission towards a green world.
  • You can also build a highly sophisticated & sustainable tennis ball court at your own place and help mother earth from degradation.

HTGT 3Please contact Ace Surfaces to find out how to get a Laykold Masters Tennis Ball Court installed in your location. Email us at: info@ace-surfaces.com Or Call: 407-865-6279

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We are currently working on setting up collection sites for used tennis balls across the U.S.
Do you want to help with recycling efforts in your tennis community? You can become a collection site for used tennis balls. Send us your locations address,contact person and website and we will put your information in our database of collection sites on our website. Please send the information to: info@ace-surfaces.com
Once you have over 200 balls collected, contact reBounces for a shipping label and send them off to start the recycling process.
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The Tennis Ball Project

Revolutionizing  the tennis courts you play on by creating, implementing and installing cushion shock pads using recycled tennis balls.


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